36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 Months
NEW CAR LOANS 4.99% apr 4.99% 5.49% 5.99% 6.49%
USED CAR LOANS 4.99% 4.99% 5.49%
UNSECURED LOAN 8.99% 8.99% 8.99%
SHARE SECURED LOANS 2.99% 2.99% 2.99%

Stated Loan Policies Effective – 1/1/2023
Contact the Credit Union office for full loan terms, maximums and conditions.
All rates reflect a A Fico Credit Score of 680 or higher. Rates may be higher for lower credit scores
All rates reflect 1.00 % reduction for automatic payment

All loans are granted based on credit worthiness and debt ratio
To be eligible for a loan you must have the equivalent of one loan payment or $100 (which ever is greater),secured in your account, up to a maximum of $500.00, for the life of the loan. Secured Shares may be built up over a period of time.


Unsecured / Personal Loans

Co-signer must meet the same qualifications for loan category.


New and Used Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Title with Parlin DuPont EFCU listed as leinholder required as security for the loan.
Vehicle Collateral Insurance is required with Parlin Dupont EFCU listed as loss payee is required for the life of the loan
For qualified individuals, new auto loans over $20,000 can have a payback of up to 84 months.
Loan amount can be up to the listed purchased price on the dealers Order Sheet (including tax, warranty, fees, etc.)

Used Vehicle Loans The maximum loan with a Bill of Sale as security is the average Retail value of the car, plus extras as shown in the official JD Power Used Car Guide Book

Age of car will determine maximum loan term.

60 Months < 3 Years Old

48 Months < 5 Years Old

36 Months < 7 Years Old


Share Secured Loans

Credit Report is not required for Share Secured Loans.
Must be FULLY secured with the share balance for the full term of the loan. All funds must be on deposit at Parlin Dupont EFCU for the entire term of the loan.


Credit Union Visa Card

Rate is based on credit score.   Rates currently range from 9.90% – 18.90% apr.    Special Balance transfer Rates may apply

Call 1-888-415-6154   or go to (select Parlin DuPont Credit Union from the dropdown box)


apr = Annual Percentage Rate.  All rates stated reflect the Annual Percentage Rate.