Fee Schedule..
Prior Period Statement Copy $3.00
Returned Statement or Mail$5.00 per statement or letter, for invalid address or forwarding order
Visa Gift Card $2.50
Money Order $0.75
Fax Transmittal $1.00/page
Wire Transfer (incoming/outgoing) $25.00
Wire Transfer – International$40.00 an up
Share Deposit Account Fees..
Returned Deposit Items $25.00
Stop payment order $25.00
Stop Payment Order (Official Check) $35.00
Check photocopy $3.00
NSF Check $25.00
NSF ACH$25.00
Club Account Cancellation (prior to maturity) $25.00
Dormant Account $5.00/monthover 12 months
Account Research $15.00/hour Minimum 1 hour
Escheatment Fee$100.00
Loan Fees..
Loan Application$25.00 waived at closing
Visa Check Card Fees..
NSF Visa Transaction$25.00
Replacement Card$15.00
Electronic / Internet Banking Fees..
Internet BankingFREE
Internet Check CopyFREEAvailable for 90 days
Telephone Banking FREE
Internet Bill Pay FREEup to 20/month
Mobile BankingFREE
Levy Fee$75.00
The rates and fees appearing on this schedule are accurate and effective for all accounts as of the date indicated. All rates and fees are subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to charge a fee for excessive usage of our Internet Banking service. If you require current information, please contact the Credit Union..Effective 8/2017